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One of the more venerable callsigns in the club. Alternatively known as the club treasurer and chief biscuit provider indeed it is rumoured that he numbers individual biscuits and keeps a log of members consumption at meetings. First become interested in amateur radio whilst at school some 55 years ago, should have had a G3P series callsign together with his buddies G3PDM and G3PEW but could not learn the morse code to pass the test. Some 50 years later he took a 5wpm morse test only to find the next week that morse was removed as a requirement but he still is learning!! First licensed in 197? and as befits his call, QRO 2m SSB used to be the main mode but now restricted to 70cm QRP SSB, his first contact tuning high to low on 145.8 AM was made after 3 months endlessly tuning the 2m band. Then the Japan imports came along and SSB activity began. Unfortunately, someone thought these transistors thingies would catch and the nice warm glow of his valve receiver had to be updated and now he finds increasingly SDR radio (another incomplete project(s)) quite interesting. Main activity, these days, is construction of ever more useless radio receivers and accumulating failed projects, Otherwise he can be found from time to time on 21 or 7 MHz attempting to work such DX as Italy or Russia.