Thinking Day on Air.

todimageLast Saturday, Feb 16th, saw several club members involved with this event which allows us to exchange messages with Guide and Brownies groupsworld wide. This year we used the call GB0REG for Rotherham East Guides.
The station was in use from about 10am to after 4pm with some 30 Guides, Brownies and at least one Rainbow (under 7!!) having a go at exchanging names, hobbies, pets etc. to mainly a UK audience. Using mainly 40m (7MHz) the contacts were mainly in the UK but good exchanges were forthcoming with Sweden and Germany as well. Some proved to be ‘ace’ at it, others needed encouragement, but all enjoyed themselves. The day started auspiciously with Australian stations heard on the 20m (14MHz) band but sadly these all faded out by the time most of the groups arrived. Some VHF/UHF action was had, thanks to Peter using his own rig. Sadly, the NOV holder (G8DRQ) could not figure out (using the manual even) how to set our IC706 for the various repeaters hence the change in rig and mode, funny stuff this FM, it weren’t like this in my day.

Examination successes

Father and son, Chris and Ash Judd both scored well in their Foundation Exam on Sunday 10th Feb. Their calls are M6UVR and M6CKK respectively, well done both especially because the course was mainly done over the first 4 weeks of this year. Keith Burt also succeeded but his callsign escapes your venerable scribe (that is to say he’s forgotten it), apologies Keith. Mark, now 2E0YME, did both Foundation and Intermediate back to back. He now wants a shot at the Advanced exam, to get his full licence. Together with Alec, 2E0ZOR, and Alan B, (scribal memory fails again) Peter’s, G4ENC, Advanced class in the corner grows steadily larger.