RSGB Centenary Event Station G100RSGB

RSGB centenary
Finally an update on the events of March 13th when we aired G100RSGB. The main operator was Bob, G8DRQ, and all of the contacts were on 80m but covered a large part of the UK. We did scan 20 and 40m but a combinations of local noise level, band conditions and our mediocre loft mounted bent G5RV antenna (or should that be aerial) meant we had no sucess, so if you did call us to no avail many apologies. The operating style was rag-chew rather than contest style so in comparison with many other club stations our QSO rate was very modest. We only operated for about 2 hours during our weekly club meetings but it was very enjoyable and many thanks to the team at RSGB HQ for giving us the opportunity. For G150RSGB we will make sure we have learnt the lessons from this!