UnknownMaltby & District ARS has met almost every week since being formed in 1982, though not always at the same place. In fact at the last count our current HQ was at least our sixth move. Perhaps we should start signing /P as a matter of course!Like many other clubs our membership numbers have fallen from their highs of the 80s as our hobby has changed and as other interests have captured the public imagination, but we keep going. It would seem that we’re doing something right, so what’s our secret?

Perhaps it because first of all it’s not anyone in particular’s club – it’s everyone’s. We do what the members want to do, not what one individual thinks they should be doing. No one person rules the roost. Most importantly, we don’t take  ourselves too seriously!

Amateur Radio is not a way of life, it’ a hobby. It’s there to learn from, to share with others, and most of all to enjoy. A callsign is simply a license number like the registration plate on a car, not a badge that says you’re better than anyone else. We might know a bit more about radio than most, but that’s about it!

Over the years we’ve put together quite a well equipped shack. As well as operating from our clubroom we involve ourselves with outside events by setting up demonstration stations at local events or on behalf of charities. Between them our members have a wide range of knowledge in and out of amateur radio, ranging from beginner to expertise – and a lot in-between. We’re drawn from all walks of life and from a wide age range.

So, if you’re interested in meeting us and finding out more about our club or our hobby why not come and try it our way?  You’re welcome to attend up to four meetings without charge or obligation to see if you’d like what you see. You never know, you might just enjoy it!