The Shack

Our shack is located seperate to the main meeting area. This gives operators a chance of some peace and quiet whilst on air, providing other members remember to have their chats elsewhere!

The ICOM 760 is the “installed” radio together with its matching ATU and power supply all held in a cradle which was expertly constructed by member Peter G4ENC, the idea being to make it all easily portable as a complete station.

We decided to keep an old 2m FDK, its 70cm converter, and an HF transverter as back-up. After all, we probably wouldn’t get all that much for them these days, and it’s always good to have something on standby.

We have built up a collection of tools and test equipment, and also have a library of technical and reference books.

A Summary of our Equipment
ICOM IC706Mk2G with matching ATU706f
FDK750+UHF for 2M & 70cm
TOKYO HF-2mTransverter
BGL DSP Speaker
NISSEI DPS300GL Power supply
Full size G5RV
Multiband vertical for HF
Tri-band colinear for VHF/UHF
2M and 70cm beams
Five element 6M beam
33ft Telescopic Mast