Halton & District Amateur Radio Rally

Halton & District Amateur Radio Rally taking place on Saturday 16th November.
As well as around 15 traders including :-
Lam Communications Ltd. Airband UK. (AirBand Scanners, Virtual Radar Systems, Shortwave Receivers etc). F.A.Norris (Vintage Valve Equipment).
Mirfield Electronics. (General radio equipment and accessories). Prowhip Antennas. Electrocom UK. ( Amateur and CB radio,Electronic Components and hardware). R.W. Silversides (Test Equipment).
Bob Ocallaghan G1EPL (General Ham & Electronics).
Pooley (General). Amtools (General) KJDS ltd (RF cables, Project boxes,Attenuators etc). RSGB Book Stall. Paul Jones G7IZX ( Surplus Electronics and radio Equipment). G1KVQ (General Radio & Electronics)
G4EHK. (General)
there will be a Bring & Buy and excellent catering facilities.
More information can be found at www.haltonradiorally.webs.com

Alan Mills G1CAQ silent key

It is with sadness we have to announce that Alan Mills G1CAQ is now a silent key.

He was chairman of the club for a number of years and an active member/supporter of club activities for many years, and a member for the last 20+years.

His support will be missed and our sympathies are extended to his family.

Yorkshire day special event station GB4YD


On saturday the 3rd of August we held a special event station to celebrate Yorkshire day , it gave us the ideal chance to test our latest mast and HW40 antenna system.